Build an Online Application Form

The online application form template is only available for schools licensed to use CRM Candidate.

The online application template available with the FormFlow - Forms feature includes standard application questions/fields related to an applicant’s intended field of study and previous education, and contact and biographical information. It also has options to let them upload their personal essay and resume, and a feature allowing them to pay the application fee.

Integrated connections to EX using data sources are automatically set up when you open the application form template. The template also provides information about the set up you need to do to populate the information correctly and save the information back to EX.

This template is set up assuming your school will be connected to the EX database and standard EX tables.
This template uses several dependencies. For example, when the applicant selects a state only those schools related to that state are available in the next question. If you remove or change the properties of a related question, you may cause information to not appear correctly.

The template provides an outline for common online applications. It can be customized as much as needed. You can add and remove, reorder and rename the questions, tabs, and buttons. Jenzabar recommends reviewing each of the following steps to understand how the form works before making your updates.

Step 1: Create and Configure Online Application Settings

Step 2: Set Up or Verify Database Connections

Step 3: Set Up USPS Zip Code Look Up

Step 4: Set Up Your Payment Profile (optional)

Step 5: Update the Jenzabar Logo with an Image of Your Choice

Step 6: Update the Form Instructions

Step 7: Review Candidacy Tab Data Sources

Step 8: Review Bio Tab Data Sources

Step 9: Review Contact Tab Data Sources and Email Address Verification

Step 10: Map the Relationship Code for the Parents Tab

Step 11: Update the Education Tab Description and Review Data Sources

Step 12: Set Up Allowed File Uploads on the Documents Tab

Step 13: Set Up the Waiver Codes on the Finish Tab

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